Makemoret Collective is a surfwear collection made from self-made biodegradable materials through techniques traditionally used in industrial surfboard and sails production.


The collection was influenced by my father’s past as a surfboard maker in the village of Mikhmoret, Israel in the mid 70’s. He and a group of local makers found a way to translate the industrial practice of surfboard and sail making into a DIY craft and begun a small manufacturing business in Mikhmoret. and was made in The manufacturing techniques (casting, rotational molding, heat molding) were translated to a DIY practice and the biomaterials used for the collection were all natural locally-sourced materials that mimic the original toxic materials used in surfboard and sail production. Makemoret Collectives materials were meant to be easily made and biodegrade at home Because I deeply believe in a transparent process of design all the materials and techniques were made available on in the form of tutorials and workshops for other markers to learn from and share.

Biomaterials have a tremendous potential to reform manufacturing as some of them can undergo manufacturing techniques that usually apply only to synthetic materials. I’ve investigated,modified and made biomaterials that mimic the properties of the original toxic materials used in surf and sail production.

Tapioca Bioplastic - wind and water resistant, biodegrades in compost. mimics the mylar film in sails production.

Bioglass - clear, strong, can undergo roto-molding. biodegrades in boiling water. mimics epoxy resin used in board production.

BioFoam - strong, flexible, fast drying. biodegrades in boiling water. mimics foamed polyurethane used in board production.

i’ve paired the manufacturing techniques to the biomaterials to create a collection of leisure wear & accessories for surfers. I’ve collaborated with local Rockaway Beach surfers in the creative development of the collection. The project’s materials & manufacturing techniques are available on the open source tab to your left.