The Bio-Bag is the new innovation in Luxury bags. Hand made in NYC through a roto-molding seamless technique using locally-sourced all natural materials that can easily biodegrade domestically.


The Bio-Bag was made through a collaboration with Luxarity Lane Crawford. The production of the bag considered a circular model of design -from using locally-sourced natural materials, producing locally in NYC and finally the end life and biodegradability of the product.

The Bio-Bag adjust to three features to accommodate the wearer’s needs:

Long strap - over the shoulder easy to wear tote bag.

Short strap - by adjusting the strap, the Bio-Bag turns into a hand bag.

Clutch - by closing the magnetic snaps the bag could be worn as a triangular classic clutch.

The Bio-Bag is composed of four ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Water and Activated Charcoal. When the wearer decides to dispose of the bag, he or she will do so by immersing the bag in boiling water. The bag will melt and can be poured down the drain, while all other hardware attached to it can be recycled.