GY STUDIO by Gal Yakobovitch is a bio-materiality fashion studio based in NYC. Creating innovative, all natural biomaterials from local food waste and hacking industrial manufacturing techniques to create zero-waste products.

This is a collaboration based studio, aiming to create new, ecologically innovative products based on the location and community we are working with.

We highly believe in a transparent process of design and frequently conduct workshops, offer open source information through our website and involve the local community in order to create an open channel of biomaterial making information with the aim of creating a dialogue about DIY textile driven bio-materiality.

GY STUDIO aims to strive for more collaborations outside and inside the fashion industry. We thrive on collaborative efforts and information sharing and would like to bring our efforts to a more global scale. 

We want to keep creating thought provoking solutions to waste derived from the food and textile industries as an artistic effort and in the future as a functioning sustainable system.